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Give your organization the education and the tools to make positive changes in their lives, one breath at a time, with an interactive, in-person seminar delivered by Breathwork//Tactics founder and one of the foremost breathing coaches in the world, Jesse Coomer. 


The Breathwork//Tactics Seminar offers attendees insights on how their nervous systems work and how breathing plays an intimate role in nervous system regulation.


Attendees will all receive a personalized functional breath assessment, corrective exercises, and expert guidance in how to perform breathing techniques to enhance physical and mental performance on and off the job.


Depending on your group’s needs and the allotted time, the Breathwork//Tactics Seminar also offers opportunities to experience the power of breathing in mitigating stress, including physical challenges.


These experiences are tailored around your group’s goals and needs, but it usually lasts between 3 to 4 hours.

Man gesturing while teaching breathwork to a group in a classroom
Man gesturing with arms wide open teaching breathwork to first responders


1 /An education in how the nervous system works and how breathing plays an important role in stress management. Attendees also learn how dysfunctional breathing is likely making one weaker and less resilient to stress.

// A personalized assessment of their breathing patterns with instructions on how to correct breathing dysfunction. Nearly everyone has some level of breathing dysfunction, so this is a valuable opportunity to correct these issues.

// Expert guidance in the various techniques that one can employ to improve resilience to stress, improve focus, and improve mental and physical health. This is especially important because breathing techniques depend on proper execution to be effective.

/Optional additional group experiences to apply what they have learned in carefully procured “stress simulations,” depending on the goals and needs of the group.

/Access to materials for further study.


The most powerful tool that a first responder possesses is the ability to think critically under pressure. The Breathwork//Tactics Seminar offers participants an opportunity to learn to regulate their nervous systems on the job and when off duty, providing a way to improve cognitive function and decision making under pressure and a way to recover more effectively during off hours.

However, the training that participants receive can also be shared when civilians need to calm down when stressed or after a traumatic event. The skills gained in the Breathwork//Tactics seminars offer participants with a means to help themselves and help others as well.

Past participants of these seminars report better focus under pressure, faster recovery times, and improved overall mood. This is a skill that does not require a resupply, and it cannot be forgotten or stolen.

Two smiling police officers standing with their vehicle with flashing lights

Contact the Breathwork//Tactics team today to discuss how their in-person seminar can equip your organization with the education and the tools for better focus, performance and recovery on the job.

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