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Two EMT paramedics in front of an ambulance

First responders are tasked with making complex decisions under high levels of stress on a daily basis. In such situations, the safety of the individual, those they are interacting with, and bystanders, rely on measured and focused intervention and de-escalation.


There is extensive research on the negative effects of prolonged stress in the first responders population, meaning there has never been a greater need to equip first responders with practical tools to regulate their autonomic nervous system.


However, the full potential of breath training for this purpose has, until now, not been utilized, largely due to a lack of experts who can translate the practice of controlled breathing techniques to a practical application for this specialized audience.


This need for accessible breath training is at the heart of the blueprint for the Breathwork//Tactics training program.

Four firefighters smiling in front of fire engine


1 // Practical

Breathwork//Tactics provides a practical understanding of the nervous system and how to identify dysregulation to provide both immediate benefits (improved cognitive function) and long term benefits (healthier and more fulfilled careers) to first responders.

2 // Functional

Breathwork//Tactics provides Functional Breath Education, practical instruction on how to correct breathing dysfunction, and instructions on how to maintain healthy breath mechanics to help reduce chronic autonomic nervous system arousal.

3 // Applicable

Breathwork//Tactics provides practical instruction in a specific set of applicable breathing techniques that can be used in specific instances individually or together in a sequence to downregulate autonomic nervous system arousal and/or emotional overload.

4 // Proprietary

Breathwork//Tactics utilizes additional proprietary methods that instantly demonstrate the power of breath to regulate the stress response in the first session.


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