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The Breathwork//Tactics Instructor training is a “train-the-trainer” style certification for public safety employees. It is designed to equip instructors with the foundational tools to share with others how breathing interfaces with the nervous system and the necessary skills to identify and provide corrective coaching for common breathing dysfunctions. While this training can be modified to meet the individual needs of the trainee, the typical training regimen is outlined below.


The goal of the Breathwork//Tactics program is to provide first responders with a foundational education about how their nervous system interacts with their problem-solving and physiological capabilities, and from this foundation, certified instructors provide instructions to use breathing as a tool to balance one’s state of arousal.

These tools benefit first responders by reducing the immediate and long-term negative effects of the intense stressors that come with the profession. The end goal is to improve on the job performance and reduce the long-term negative effects in mental health that are commonly associated with work in these fields.

Bearded man leaning over a prone man practicing breathing techniques


1 // Initial Training Session

This session will take the form of a face-to-face training with Jesse Coomer, to give him the opportunity to train you in the foundational principles so that you can apply them to your own life and begin to have a deeper understanding of Breathwork//Tactics and its goals.

2 // Online Course, Test & Required Homework

Once your training has begun, you will be assigned a reading list and must complete the online course. In this time, you will be required to pass a competency test, demonstrate proficiency in teaching techniques via the completion of required homework videos and other assignments.

3 // Virtual Check-Ins

Over the course of your training, you will have at least 3 zoom meetings with Coomer to ensure that you are making progress in the course and to answer questions you have as you progress.

4 // Graduation Presentation

Upon successful completion of the online training, you will be required to deliver a 4 hour training session for your peers. This must be attended by Jesse Coomer or recorded for his review. After this final demonstration is complete, you will be granted certification for one year.

5 // Annual Recertification

Each year, you will be required to recertify by completing a competency assessment which will include a written test and a summary of how you have used your certification over the last year.

6 // Continuing Education

The field of breath training is ever-evolving, and our scientific understanding continues to grow. As long as you maintain your certification, you will be granted access to the online continuing education resources provided by Breathwork//Tactics as well as opportunities to attend events for an extremely discounted rate.


As a certified Breathwork//Tactics Instructor, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Facilitate the complete 4 hour Breathwork//Tactics Workshop

  • Conduct Functional Breathing Assessments on others

  • Identify common breathing dysfunctions in others

  • Provide corrective coaching for breathing dysfunction

  • Create a positive change in your community using science-based techniques

  • Offer immediate feedback and coaching 

  • Make presentations to your peers on the topic of breath training

Bearded man in between two smiling first responders holding certificates


Contact the Breathwork//Tactics Team today and equip your organization with the education and the tools to make positive changes in their lives, enjoy long satisfying careers, make better choices on-the-job and avoid burnout.

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