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Breathwork//Tactics hold an annual retreat exclusively for first responders with a focus on providing tools to support the unique demands of working in public safety.


You can:


The Breathwork//Tactics Performance and Recovery Summit

April 26-28, 2024

Lindenwood Retreat Center, Plymouth, Indiana

The Performance and Recovery Summit is a three day training designed to equip first responders with cutting edge methods to enhance mental and physical performance on the job while also improving one’s ability to recover from the physical and mental tolls that come with the profession.


This training is for first responders only, and no matter what branch you belong to, you will find valuable tools to help you both on and off duty.


Some of the methods you will be trained to implement:


Nervous System Regulation Education

Learn about how the nervous system interfaces with your physiology and psychology. Then learn how to create shifts in your autonomic nervous system to help you sleep better, think more clearly, and have more energy when you need it. Your mind is your greatest resource. This educational piece is the foundation that we will build on throughout the entire experience.


Key Metrics Testing

How to measure key metrics to gauge your current performance and recovery state so you can measure your improvements over time.


CO2 Tolerance Training

Breathing techniques to improve respiratory function, reduce air demands, improve overall stress resilience.


Deep Breathing/Intermittent Hypoxic Training

This protocol improves oxygen carrying capacity and endurance, reduces stress, and can be used to break through periods of rumination and psychologically challenging times.


Sauna Therapy

Heat exposure therapy has been shown to improve blood pressure, increase learning capacity, reduce all cause mortality risks, and enhance post-exercise recovery.


Ice Bath Therapy

This modality is primarily used as a way to work with the stress response; however, cold therapy has been documented for decades as an effective method for improving recovery and enhancing performance.


High Intensity Interval Training/Athletic Breath Training

The purpose of these lessons will be to improve your ability to use breath control under physical stress. Prepare to improve the way you breathe while improving the way you move.


And much more!

All meals, accommodations and all other amenities are included in your ticket price.

Please contact the Breathwork//Tactics team to learn more or to register your interest.


Would you or your organization like to sponsor a first responder or donate to help pay for a first responder’s ticket to this event? There a 3 ways you can help.

Sponsor a First Responder That You Know

Click the button below to sponsor a first responder of your choice.

  1. You make the payment and provide us with their contact information

  2. We complete the process by reaching out and completing the order with your chosen first responder


Please reach out to us after booking to ensure the ticket transfer process has been completed.

Sponsor a First Responder You Don’t Know

Each year, there are more applicants than there are funds to pay for entry. Share your love for American first responders by paying to send them to this event.


  1. Click the button below to pay for a sponsored ticket

  2. We will connect your donation to a first responder immediately


Please reach out to let us know that you made your donation so we can connect a first responder today!

Indiana Police Fund Tax Deductible Donation

Sponsor an officer or donate to the special fund created by The Central Indiana Police Foundation to help pay for an officer to attend (State of Indiana only).

  1. Click the button below to make your tax deductible donation

  2. Select the ‘Tactical Breathwork Training Fund for Officers' option under the donation heading

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