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Science-Based, Practical Breathwork Training to Improve First Responder Focus, Performance & Recovery


Every breath you take can help or hinder your performance. Research shows that most of us breathe dysfunctionally, leading to decreased focus, sluggish physical performance, and poor decision making skills.


The Breathwork//Tactics program is a science-based program designed to correct the root of this problem, using field tested and science backed breathing modifications and techniques already used by the world’s top athletes.


Once internalized, Breathwork//Tactics becomes a permanent upgrade in a first responder’s day to day life, leading to improved performance and a greater quality of life.


Train-the-Trainer Certifications

The Breathwork//Tactics Instructor Certification equips graduates with the tools to educate on using breathing to balance arousal states and provides them with the skills to improve common breathing dysfunctions.


This comprehensive program empowers your organization from within to improve performance and reduce the long-term effects associated with working in the first responder field.

In-Person Seminars

The Breathwork//Tactics Seminar gives members of your organization the education and the tools to make positive changes in their lives, both on the job and when off duty.


This interactive and practical seminar provides participants with lasting skills for better focus under pressure, faster recovery times, and improved overall mood, as well as the means to help themselves and help others.


Research paper cover with Breathwork Tactics logo

While there has been extensive research on the negative effects of prolonged stress in the first responders population, the potential of breath training for the purpose of stress regulation has, until now, not been utilized, largely due to a lack of experts able to translate the techniques for this specialized audience. This need for accessible breath training is at the heart of the Breathwork//Tactics training blueprint.

Read the blueprint and access the detailed Rationale for Focused Breath Training and the Breathwork Tactics Training Program paper below.


Breathwork//Tactics exists to support all first responders across the USA, including those within law enforcement, fire safety, emergency medical services, 911 dispatch and other public safety groups.


Originally designed to address the underreported mental health crisis in the first responder community, it was soon adapted to be a comprehensive training program aimed at providing better focus under pressure, faster recovery times, and improved overall mood, as well as helping participants enjoy a long satisfying career.

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